A girl with a passion for baking, and such joy to see a smile on someone's face when tasting her baked goodies, and having people personally request to be the dessert portion of their special event, and thus, KIMPOPS was born!

Looking for a fun alternative to the traditional cake?? Have an event coming up, and just not sure what you want to do for the sweet portion of it? Looking to celebrate a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, retirement party, or any event that involves yummy sweet goodness!! Look no further, KIMPOPS is your answer! I can custom build your order to suit all your party/event needs, as well as match the decor of your special occasion. I don't stop at just KIMPOPS either, I also make gourmet pretzels in half or full size. Stop by our menu today and check out all that we can do for you...deliciousness is just a click away! 

Every kimpop is special.

Once upon a time...

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